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This page was last updated on 07/10/2006

Over the years we have accumulated many fascinating and educational aviation-related videos.  Some depict terrible accidents, while others are just plain cool.  If you have a dial-up connection, be patient -- many of these files are extremely large downloads.
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What IS this page, anyway?
A few comments about these videos:  In most cases, these videos have been sent to us by pilots and aviation enthusiasts who know we collect aviation videos.  In almost all cases we are unaware of their original source -- but if you know, please contact us.  We will be glad to give proper credit to the camera person, or, if requested,  we will remove the video from our site.
As pilots, our desire is that viewing the videos should be an educational experience, with the goal of preventing similar accidents in the future.   While none of these videos show graphic depictions of death, some of them *do* show fatal crashes, and therefore may not be suitable for younger viewers.
Wherever possible we have tried to include informed commentary (or links to other websites) that provide important safety-related information about these crashes, with the goal of providing our fellow pilots with an important safety tool.
We would be glad to accept contributions in this regard.  Anyone with safety input or web links, please email us directly at 
Technical Advisor:  Over the years, controversies have erupted over certain videos.  Spotters from all over the world are usually quick to detect any errors, but -- occasionally -- there is a dispute over precisely which aircraft is being displayed, or what is actually taking place on-screen.
To help with this problem, I have persuaded retired Royal Air Force Warrant Officer Tony Clay to act as "Technical Advisor" for the web page.  As an RAF pilot, Tony has flown -- or flown in -- a number of aircraft, including Chipmunks, Bulldogs, Tutors, C-130s, BAE Andovers, Boeing Chinooks, Wesland Wessex, and Sea King helicopters.   He also worked on a number of RAF fighter types, including Spitfires and Tornadoes, and visited British and American air bases around the world while in service.
As the youngest Warrant Officer in the RAF, he taught air recon, intelligence gathering, and the history of flight.   He has recently parlayed his voluminous knowledge of aviation history into work on TV projects such as the critically acclaimed "Band of Brothers" on HBO television.   

If you have questions about a specific video, click here to contact Tony directly via email.

Welcome, Tony -- and thanks for your help!
A note about playing these videos:   BANDWIDTH IS YOUR FRIEND.  If you do not have high-speed internet access, you probably don't want to click these links.   On a 28.8 connection, you can get lunch while some of these files download...
Most videos run optimally in Windows Media Player.  (Download it here.) Some may require Quicktime to play. (Download it here.)  Others may require RealPlayer. (Download it here.)

They should play automatically after "clicking" the links, but will often play "jerkily" the first time through, as the video tries to "stream".   Just let it play, or hit the "stop" button, giving it a chance to download.

Your SECOND play should be smooth and seamless. 
To save a copy on your computer, RIGHT click and select "Save Target As..."
If you can't get the videos to play, click here.
Our collection of videos has grown to the point where subcategories have become necessary to maintain some semblance of order.   Click on a heading, below, to see videos specific to the category.



Despite commercial aviation's incredible safety record, the greatest fear of every airline passenger is an in-flight incident.   These videos capture that "moment of truth" when bad things happen during a routine flight.

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737 Engine Fire   A post-maintenance engine test shows that they mechanics haven't quite found the problem yet!
737 Farewell Fly-By  A final fly-by in Calgary, Alberta as West Jet retires their last Boeing 737-200.
 737 Gear Up Landing Wouldn't want to be on *that* flight!
747 Flight Demo   The pilot of this South African air lines 747 puts on a beautiful flight demonstration.  It's hard to believe anything so big could look so graceful!
747 Off the Runway!   Security camera footage of a Tradewinds 747 running off the end of a runway on 6/6/06. 
747 Water Bomber   Got a big fire to put out?   You *need* this plane!
757 Fly-By  This video,  taken on Friday, 2/10/06, is of an Iceland Air 757 showing off a brand new set of winglets just installed by Kelowna Flightcraft, based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.
757 Radical Departure  This 757-200 has been fitted with Rolls-Royce engines, which clearly develop an impressive amount of power...
A Day In The Life of An Airport  Well, not an entire day -- but this is amazing time-lapse photography of a busy international airport, centered on loading a 747.
Airbus A-320 Radical Departure Nothing like a 60-degree climb-out to keep unruly passengers in their seats...
Airbus A-321 Extreme Crosswind  An aborted landing nearly goes terribly wrong in a howling crosswind.
Airliner Crash  Home video of an airliner landing in a storm -- with disastrous results.

Additional information about this crash, sent in by a viewer:

22 August 1999; China Airlines MD11; Hong Kong, China: This aircraft was landing in Hong Kong at night and during a storm after a flight from Bangkok. The aircraft struck the runway and came to rest upside down and on fire. All 15 crew members survived, but three of the 300 passengers were killed.

Click here to see a picture of the aftermath of this crash.

Airliner Race!  This fantastic, hilarious, award-winning video is all digital.   The dialogue is all in German, but that hardly seems to matter....
Bad Landing  Okay, I *know* this is fake -- but so many of you guys keep sending it to me, I'm posting it here just to save you from sending it again!
Bad Landing II    I'll bet Alitalia air lines *wishes* this landing was faked -- but it looks real to us. Contributed by James Axelrad.
Boeing 767 Accident  A TACA 767 comes to grief after landing hot and long on a rain-soaked runway.  Filmed from INSIDE the plane...
Concorde's First Flight  It's hard to believe that this lovely and advanced aircraft no longer graces the skies.  Re-live 1969, when men landed on the moon and we thought we could do *anything*.  Submitted by Roy Meister
Concorde's First Flights  With BBC commentary and an interview with pilot Brian Trubshaw.  Submitted by Roy Meister.
Cross Wind Landings!  This video shows certification tests for various Boeing airliners.  With Portuguese subtitles.
Cross Wind Landings 2   With many thanks to video editor Jon Salmon, this is the same video as "Cross Wind Landings!" but without the subtitles, and with new (and vastly improved!) background music added. 
Cross Wing Landings 3  Okay, so we've created a little cottage industry here!   With many thanks to video editor Steve Lyons, this is the same video as "Cross Wind Landings!" (above), but without the subtitles and with the ORIGINAL background music (which many of you like better than "Top Gun", apparently...).

Many viewers have expressed interest in the unique music on this video.  Here is new information, provided by Charlie Hanna:

"The background song with the 'Cross Wind Landings' video is "Return To Innocence" by Enigma, it came out sometime in 2001. I got lucky and stumbled onto it, I love that song."

New 7/8/06   DC-3 Radical Departure   If this is legit, is looks like the DC-3 sends the cameraman sprawling!   Anyone know what's happening here?
Ditching At Sea  A hijacked airliner runs out of gas and is caught on video.
Extreme Landing!  A Boeing 747 doing things no one ever envisioned...
FedEx 24 Hour Ops   This amazing video shows the radar track of every FedEx flight in America over a 24 hour period.  Remarkable!

Click here for a link to the fabulous instrumental rendition of Led Zeppelin's "Going to California" that accompanies this video!

FedEx Diversions   This remarkable video graphically shows the radar track of hundreds of planes that were forced to divert around intense thunderstorms in the Memphis area.
Landing Gear Trouble  On 9/22/05, a JetBlue Airbus pilot couldn't get his nose gear to rotate into landing position.  This video of the safe and successful landing at Los Angeles International airport shows the best possible outcome to every passenger's worst nightmare.

Click here to view several remarkable, high-res photos of the aftermath of this and another VERY similar landing.  Although Airbus may not make the most reliable nose-gear system in the world, it's certainly TOUGH.

Click here to read expert commentary on this unusual problem.

TU-144 Crash  Black & white video of the famous Soviet "Concordski" -- a Concorde supersonic airliner clone that tragically crashed at the Paris Airshow in 1973. Submitted by Roy Meister.
TU-144 Maneuvering Before The Crash  Color footage of some of the radical maneuvering the Soviet pilot accomplished before ultimately crashing at the 1973 Paris Air Show. Submitted by Roy Meister.
TU-144 Tour  NASA footage showing a factory tour of the Soviet TU-144 "Concordski".  (NASA briefly contracted with Russia to use the TU-144 for research flights.) Submitted by Roy Meister
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Everyone thrills to the sights and sounds of an airshow.  Death-defying acts of piloting and bravery mixed with showmanship and a carnival atmosphere make the airshow one of the great American summer-time traditions.  

But split-second flight decisions occasionally go awry.  These videos capture what happens when an airshow performance goes wrong.

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Aerobatics Championship  Filmed in Japan, this is the most incredible video of aerobatics ever filmed.  (It's a HUGE download, so be patient.)
Airplane Taxies Into Car  Every airshow pilot's worst nightmare happens when this classic World War II tail-dragger is taxied right into a parked car.
AT-6 Harvards on Water   In a remarkable display of piloting, these World War II trainers are flown "feet wet" -- literally -- in formation.

At last, we've found the source of this amazing video, with thanks to Peter Wakeman:

"Early morning anglers (were) treated to the spectacle of four T6 Harvard Aircraft from The Flying Lions Aerobatic Team water skiing across the Klipdrift Dam near Johannesburg South Africa.  Lead by Scully Levin, with wingmen Arnie Meneghelli, Stewart Lithgow and Ellis Levin, this renowned air show display team rehearse(d) a sequence for the newly launched 'Aviation Action' television program on Supersport."

"Arnie Meneghelli from Academy Brushware, owner of the aircraft, had this to say: 'What we did today I believe is a world first. It illustrates that South African air show pilots are amongst the best in the world.'  This unusual act, approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and supported by Castrol Aviation, was meticulously planned and took place under the watchful eye of divers and paramedics that were on site."

Bad Landing!   This steep approach to landing demonstration goes badly awry. 

The aircraft in this video is an Alenia G222TCM of the Italian Air Force.  For more details, see:  and

Barrel Roll Into the Ground   This T-6 performs a low-level barrel roll in front of an airshow crowd in Lafayette, Louisiana that ends very badly.
BiPlane Crash  Maneuvers at an airshow in San Marcos end very badly.   Click here to read the National Transportation Safety Board's report regarding this fatal crash.
Bob Hoover Flight Demo -- The one, the only, Bob Hoover.  This site has been incomplete without a video of "The One's" piloting prowess.  Having had the pleasure of seeing this routine many times, I can vouch for the fact that NO ONE flies -- or has flown -- like Mr. Hoover.   See it for yourself!
Commuter Plane Demo Crash A flight demonstration of a super STOL deHavilland DCC-5D goes terribly awry...
Commuter Plane Demo Crash 2 A different angle of the same turboprop crash.
Commuter Plane Demo Crash 3  Yet another video of this famous crash.
Comment Provided By a Knowledgeable Viewer: Both videos, above, show the crash of a deHavilland DHC-5 Buffalo aircraft.  The crash shown took place at a Farnborough airshow sometime in the 80's, and involved deHavilland's factory demonstrator aircraft.  This airplane was not actually a "commuter" plane, rather it was a military STOL transport (although painted in civilian colors for the show as part of an ill-fated marketing effort).  The pilot was flying the routine with a substantial tailwind.  The tailwind contributed to him misjudging the turn onto final for his STOL landing, allowing the plane to get too slow, with the result that he was unable to raise the nose and flare for the landing.  Amazingly, no one was hurt.

Yes, the pilot was fired.

Click here to read a detailed analysis of this accident, written by Jim Watson, a pilot who rode this very plane as a cockpit jumpseat observer just two days before the crash..
F-4 Phantom II Crash  News footage of a formation flyover that ends badly.
F/A-18 High Speed Pass -- Filmed at the 2005 Cleveland Air Show, this video shows a Hornet producing a a Prandtl-Glauert condensation cloud (like this one at : ) For technical data about this effect, see:
Frecce Tricolori Crash  This terrible 1988 crash of the Italian Air Force's precision flight team resulted in many changes to flight team and air show procedures around the world..
Harrier Ejection!  A demonstration at the Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival goes very badly.  The pilot ejects, and then breaks his ankle landing right on top of his crashed aircraft.  (Luckily it was an over-water mishap, or he would have landed right in the fireball...)   Click here to read the RAF's official accident report.

Click here to read an eye-witness' account from this accident.

Motorcycle Jump Airshow performer Skip Stewart flies his high performance bi-plane UNDER a motorcycle -- that is jumping OVER him!  Incredible!
P-38 Lightning Start-up  Taken at the 2005 Quad City Airshow, in Davenport, Iowa, Porky II, owned by the Planes of Fame museum, starts up as an F4U Corsair taxies past.
P-38 Airshow Crash  An awful crash of a true American classic warbird.  This accident occurred in the United Kingdom during the July 1996 Duxford Airshow.  The fatal roll was part of the display sequence, but it continued for more rotations than planned.  The British AAIB could not find any mechanical reason for the crash, but speculated that a temporary obstruction of the controls by an object in the cockpit may have been to blame.  Read the complete report here:
P-38 Lightning Fly-by  Filmed at the 2005 Quad City Airshow, Porky II, from the Planes of Fame Museum, does a high speed fly-by...
Plane vs Helicopter   Another example of how NOT to taxi your aircraft in tight quarters...
Russian Air Show Crash  A bit too low on the bottom of the loop...
Sean D. Tucker At Work   This 2005 video, filmed at a private airshow by the good folks at , shows why Tucker is *the* best airshow pilot in the world today!
Sukhoi Crash  The runway needed to be just a bit lower to make this loop work.
Sukhoi Sorensen Disaster  One of the most horrific airshow crashes in history.
Sukhoi SU-27 Crash in Detail   This remarkable footage shows the Sorensen disaster (above) from several different angles -- including two that were filmed frighteningly close to the impact point.
SR-71 Record Setter  A Lockheed video showing the preparation for and execution of several record-setting flights, followed by the flight into the Farnborough air show back in 1974.  Contributed by James Axelrad.
SR-71 Speed Record at Farnborough   This video shows the pilots and plane that set the (still standing) New York to London, and London to Los Angeles speed records, as it made appearances at the Farnborough airshow in 1974. Contributed by James Axelrad.
Supersonic DeHavilland 110   This video shows British test pilot John Derry breaking the "sound barrier" at the Farnborough Air Show, shortly before his fatal crash that killed over 30 spectators.   (With many thanks to a loyal viewer, who kindly converted this video to .mpeg4 format from the original RealPlayer format.)
 Thunderbird Crash  An external view of the Air Force Thunderbird crash at Mountain Home, Idaho in the fall of 2003. The pilot ejected successfully less than one second before impact.
 Thunderbird Crash from Inside the Cockpit!  Remarkable footage from within the cockpit of the Air Force Thunderbird crash at Mountain Home, Idaho in the fall of 2003. 
Too Many Gs  A graphic illustration of what can happen when you pull too many Gs... 

For more information about this unusual crash, and the text from the NTSB report, click here.

 Under the Bridge!  As part of the Red Bull air race series, pilot Jurgis Kairys flies an aerobatic Sukhoi INVERTED under the Neris River bridge in Kaunas, Lithuania in 2001.  You won't see THIS in the United States.
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Small planes represent the ultimate in safe, fast, and efficient personal transportation -- most of the time.  Here are some videos that capture both the joy and beauty of personal flight, as well as those moments when things go terribly wrong.

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Alaskan Gravel Bar Landing   A great view from inside the plane as a Cub is landed on a gravel bar in Alaska.  See why bush pilots are the best pilots! 
Baseball Game Crash  Something you just don't expect to see in the 7th inning.... Click here to read the NTSB official report on this accident.
New 7/10/06   Beech Cocktail   This video is a mate to "Beech Down Low", below.  It shows our intrepid Beech 1900 flight crew pouring a cocktail during a perfect 1-G barrel roll, ala Bob Hoover.   
New 7/10/06   Beech Down Low   Watch in wide-eyed wonder as this Beech 1900 (that's a 19-passenger turbo-prop, boys and girls) does an incredible low-altitude flight down a river in Africa -- complete with a barrel roll!
Cessna Crash  After an engine failure this pilot tries to put his Skyhawk down on a road -- only to have to avoid a pickup truck that appears at the last moment, with disastrous results.

From a Spotter:  "Just a quick correction note for your video files. That Cessna crash in Orlando,  there were two passengers on board, an instructor and student. They departed Orlando International and reported a loss of oil pressure approximately 10 minutes away from the airport. The instructor called the tower reporting the occurrence, and a moment later they had a complete engine failure as the engine seized. They announced doing a forced approach, their intended landing area was the golf course off the aircraft's starboard wing.  The instructor overshot the approach, and was unable to put the plane down without hitting the cars in the parking lot at the end of the green, it was as they were just about to touch down that they came into contact with the power lines on the side of the road. The instructor was killed upon impact. The student, now unconscious, was pulled from the aircraft by a bystander; he later fully recovered."

Click here to read the official NTSB report on this accident.

Cessna Departure Crash  After successfully landing his Cessna Centurion on a handy road (due to fuel exhaustion), our hapless pilot obtained permission to re-fuel and depart.   With traffic diverted, and emergency vehicles and TV crews looking on, he revved up the engine, started his take-off roll, and, well, you'll see...

Click here to read the official NTSB report on this accident.

Cub in the Fog   A neat video of a Cub departing through a layer of ground fog.
Falcon XP Microlight Hard Landing   Contributed by Richard Townsend.  This video was shot at the PFA Rally at Cranfield UK in June 2002. It was a very blustery day and the Falcon XP microlight suffered a rather heavy landing, causing the port main undercarriage leg to collapse. About a year later the same aircraft was involved in another incident in which it suffered more significant damage (See report: )
Gear Pull-Down!   When a Piper Arrow has a stuck right main landing gear that won't come down, friends devise an innovative (and potentially suicidal) solution. 
Grass Strip Departure   Our Cherokee Pathfinder departing from Grob Field, a beautiful 3-runway, all-grass airport located near Grafton, Wisconsin,  on 9/26/04.  Contributed by Gary Elshoff, owner of Flying Colors Glass, .
Gravel Bar Landing   An amazing demonstration of short-field landing bush piloting -- viewed from INSIDE the plane as is lands on an impossibly small gravel bar!
Hawker Gear Up Landing    With many thanks to a dedicated fan of this web site, here is the formerly annoying video of a Hawker 125 (NOT a Citation, as previously shown) doing a picture-perfect gear up landing, with all the breathless narration and jump-cuts removed.

Information provided by the pilot of this Hawker:

"Despite what the narration may suggest, I never for a minute thought it to be a life or death circumstance. The end result was about 98% of what I had envisioned in my minds eye. However, there was more fire than I would have wanted, with NO fire being the preference."

"The one aspect of the landing that surprised was that we slid farther than I would have guessed. The touchdown speed on the Airspeed indicator was 110kts....I wanted speed to fly it on as opposed to dropping in on which could contribute to a possible loss of directional control. But, if I were to do it again, I would use 100kts for touchdown."

"The really impressive aspect of this incident was the behavior and performance of the family on board. They listened to direction and then executed the evacuation with military calm and precision. (Yes, they were motivated) If one puts a clock on the evacuation duration, from the time my copilot opened the cabin door until the plane was emptied of six passengers and two crew the elapsed time is 7.2 seconds."

"Praise goes to the copilot as he had no idea what he was stepping out into when he opened that door. I left last, but with the advantage of having seen the relatively safe egress the others had experienced."

Click here to read the NTSB report about this incident.

The Hawker pilot explains what caused this incident:

"The left inboard main tire blew on take off, leaving a lengthy piece of spinning tire that slapped the only confluence on the airplane where the main, auxiliary, and emergency hydraulics share a common junction atop the landing gear leg in the wheel well. The damage breached the entire hydraulics system where the fluid merely vented to atmosphere. At that time in 1999, it was the only such occurrence in Hawker history."

Jet Hang Glider  Now you can say you've seen EVERYTHING...
King Air Nose Gear Failure    Not sure what's happening here (anyone know the story?), but the nose gear of this Beechcraft King Air is caught at the moment of failure during the landing roll-out.

From Greg, a pilot & A&P student:

"Regarding the clip about the 'King Air' nose gear failure, that is actually a Beechcraft (now Raytheon) Model 99 operated by AIRPAC Airlines. The incident happened at Boeing field in Seattle Washington on March 28th, 2006."

"As you can see, the nosewheel separated on landing. The stress on what was left of the gear was too much and it collapsed. At least he got the engines shut down and the props stopped before the collapse. As a result he saved two engines and props."

"The King Air initially had welded nose gear, then went to a stronger forged one. The King Air and the 99 share a great many parts, but I don't know if the nose gear is one of them. Either way, it appears the nose gear failed due to damage incurred after the failure of either the fork, axle, wheel or retaining nut."

King Air Gear Up Landing   This pilot demonstrates an absolutely picture-perfect gear-up landing, caught on tape by the media.  
L-39 Flight!   An outstanding video showing excerpts from a recent L-39 jet flight from Kansas City, TX to Burbank, CA.   Filmed from two different camera angles, it shows the outstanding maneuverability of this Czech fighter/trainer.  (This aircraft has since been destroyed in a tragic accident.)  Filmed and contributed by Tom McNerney.
Mountain Landing Strip   The first time we watched this video, we thought it was going to show a plane crash.  However, after about 30 seconds, you can make out the TINY little airstrip on one of the nearby mountains, and it follows through to an uneventful landing.  According to contributor Benoit Langen, this airport is called Meribel (LFHM), is in the French Alps -- and you need a special qualification to fly there.  No doubt!
Runaway Plane!   How NOT to hand-prop your aircraft...
RV-4 Treetop Flight  Amazing footage of a guy flying his RV-4 down a river at treetop height.   The music is awesome, too!
Schafer, Montana  A great Quicktime movie, showing landing at Schafer, Montana (8U2).   Contributed by pilot John Galban.
 Super Cub Take-Off!  Ever see a plane take off in just 18 feet? 
 Super Cub Landing!  Ever see a plane land on a dime?
Super Cub Landing II  This one should *almost* be in the "Water" category!  A truly amazing back-country landing...

Info from Wup Winn, of Alaskan Bushwheel, Inc.:   The clip "Supercub Landing II" is part of a video titled "Big Rocks and Long Props" that has some of the most amazing stick time caught on tape.  You can purchase the full 59 minute video at our website, "

Super Cub Landings & More   Here's another clip from the amazing "Big Rocks & Long Props", sent in by Wup Winn, showing a Super Cub operating in almost unbelievable conditions.  See the whole video at .
New 7/8/06   Ultralight Into the Trees   This video shows just how quickly you can end up in the trees when your ultralight's engine quits.
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Sometimes called soaring, powerless flying is considered by many to be the purest and most beautiful form of flight.  Here are some videos that capture that feeling of freedom and joy.
Aerobatic Soaring  The squeals of delight from the camera-woman say it all!   Filmed at sunset over Camden, Australia.
Mountain Hang Gliding  Breath-taking footage of a tandem hang gliding launch over some beautiful terrain in Laveno, Italy.  Sent in by Dave & Sara Williamson.
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They are sometimes called "20,000 parts flying in close formation" -- with good reason. Here are some videos that capture when all or some of those parts get out of sync with one another...

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Bell 47 Crash A complete engine failure is caught on tape.
Close Call Departure  Not quite sure what happened here, but it's as close to a rotor-strike as you can get...
Dauphin Control Lockup!   Watch what happens when a pilot pulls up too fast and cavitates the hydraulic system on a Coast Guard helicopter.  As this guy discovers It takes a second or so to recover...
Fantail Crash  A normal approach ends in disaster when tail rotor authority is lost.
Ground Resonance  This amazing video shows a side view of a Chinook helicopter self destructing.
Ground Resonance II  A rear view of this same ground resonance testing.
Gunships!   This video shows an amazing display of the firepower of gatling guns when combined with the mobility of helicopters.
Helicopter Crash Two helicopters go down after clipping their rotors together...
Helicopter Crash 2 A Marine CH-46D helicopter comes to grief trying to land on a support ship...
Helicopter Crash 2.5 This is a larger version of the same CH-46 accident shown in "Helicopter Crash 2", with sound.
Helicopter Crash 3  A big Sikorsky in a hard landing gone awry...

From Technical Advisor Tony Clay:

"I have been informed by a Canadian Sea King pilot that the Sea King was part of a static display at an airshow in upper NY State, but was asked to move as it was blocking aircraft movements on the ground. While being moved the crew was asked to do a short display as it was airborne.  When the Sea King came to the hover the aircraft entered into a phenomenon called VRS (Vortex Ring State).  In simple terms this condition involves the helicopters own turbulence to cancel out lift. This phenomenon can be confused with Settling with Power as the two are similar, or so I have been informed. You are quite right as the Sea King was not landing at this time as it was still completing its short display."

From Chad Rooney CPT, AV Brigade S2/ S3 Training 110th Aviation Brigade

" I was at that airshow in Schenectady, NY as a young Civil Air Patrol Cadet. We had an information booth and were providing security around the static display aircraft.  As a treat, we got to fly in a US Army UH-60 Blackhawk down the Hudson and around Albany, NY.

"I was sitting on the right side and facing out as the pilot was maneuvering down the centerline of the river in some pretty aggressive turns. At one point, the flight smoothed out and I looked through the front canopy to see the Canadian Sea King in front of us. We were flying a staggered left formation with them at that point. We then pulled up next to them to take pictures of each other. We even flew over top of them to the other side to allow those passengers a photo opportunity."

"We eventually headed back to the airshow where the Sea King came to about a 300 foot hover above ground level while our Blackhawk did some high speed passes with a pitch-back turn (return to target) at the end of each run. We then came in for a landing and of course the pilot did a 'wheelie' dragging the tail wheel for a couple of hundred feet before setting it down and letting us out."

"As we were heading for the snow fence which held back the crowd, we heard everyone gasp for breath and point at the Sea King. It was coming down very fast from its out-of-ground effect hover and as you can see from the video, it hit the ground and spun around while the tail boom separated and blades flew everywhere.  Instinctively, we all hit the ground as blades flew toward us and the crowd and then we had to become crowd control."

"Our senior members were the first on the scene as they raced to the crash site in their golf cart. The crew chiefs for the Blackhawk we just flew in took out the seats and they Medevac'd two of the Sea King crewmembers to the local hospital. An ambulance took the other two crewmembers. I'm not sure which two came back that day, but they were fine and said the other two were in stable condition and were going to be fine."

"I never heard or saw anything about that crash, which occurred sometime in the 1991-1992 timeframe, until I went through flight school here with the Army in 2000-2001. Apparently, it was definitely settling with power, which is where a vortex ring state occurs when you have little to no forward airspeed and more than a 300 foot-per-minute rate of decent. I don't know what maneuvering they did before we linked up with them along the river and I don't know if they were planning on doing any maneuvering after we landed, but it sure made the airshow one I will never forget."

"Thanks for hosting a site like this where us aviators can watch where others have made errors and can learn a thing or two."

Helicopter Crash 4  The amazing escapade of an owner and his new toy, on their very first flight together...   

Click here and here to read the NTSB reports from this bizarre crash.

Helicopter Crash 5  A Chinook tries to set a giant sculpted flame atop a 20-story pedestal -- with disastrous results.
Helicopter Crash 6  This chopper crash took place in Sweden while giving a ride to a man celebrating his 100th birthday.  Conditions were hot, and the helicopter was heavily loaded.  They  apparently suffered control problems from the start, yet the pilot inexplicably decided to continue his departure -- with disastrous results.  (Although, amazingly, everyone survived the crash. Sadly, however, the centenarian succumbed to his injuries a few days later.)
Helicopter Crash 7  This Puma helicopter pilot comes in a bit too steeply during a combat deployment exercise, with catastrophic results.
Helicopter Accident in the Snow  A high altitude mountain rescue goes very wrong.

More info, from a spotter:

This was not actually a 'rescue mission,' (as) the helicopter was transporting climbers from the south base camp of Mount Everest in Nepal. The helicopter was a Russian-built MI-17, flown by the Nepalese company Simrik Air. Two people died in the accident, which happened on May 28, 2003.

Helicopter Accident in the Water  A water rescue ends very badly.
Helicopter Refueling Accident  Those rotors are tougher than they look!
Helicopter Towing Accident  These folks thought it might work well to tow their boat with a helicopter.   They were wrong.
Into the Ground   A small helicopter comes in on a high-speed pass, and hits the ground very hard.  Anyone know what happened here?.
Into the Sea!    This crash occurred during a joint rescue training mission between Japan and Russia in early May 2006.  The helicopter is a Mil Mi-14 "Haze".  There were 13 people on board -- all were rescued but one later died in the hospital.
Low Pass in a Chopper   Helicopters performing high performance low passes!
Misjudged Helicopter Stunt   Performed in Ohlsdorf in 2004, the pilot pulls up for a vertical climb, does a 180 degree turn, and comes straight back down -- but gets the pull out timing wrong and hits the ground. Luckily, the angle is shallow and the skids rebound it back into the air!
NewsCopter 4 Crash Proving there is no such thing as an un-survivable crash -- everyone in this Brooklyn, New York crash made it.
Night Vision Landing  Sent to us by a naval aviator now stationed at NAS Key West, this video shows an HH-60H landing at night in Kuwait.   The lights on the rotor disk are caused by sand striking the blades and causing heat.
"Oh Ye of Little Faith" A true classic.  An AH-64A Apache combat helicopter pilot doing high speed "nap of the earth" maneuvers on the range at Fort Campbell, KY asks his gunner if they will be able to fit between two trees, and ignores the obvious answer...
Roll Over At Sea  The engine isn't even running, but the seas are high enough to toss this unsecured helicopter on its side.  Get the Dramamine!

Info from a viewer:  "The rollover at sea helicopter video is not really what it appears. It appears the video is from a Ticonderoga Class Cruiser (I was on one of these for a while). The guy walking around calmly in front of the bird would be holding on for dear life and literally laying on the deck if the sea’s were that heavy."

"What it seems like the bird's tail wheel is not rotating, so in order to get it lined up to go back in the hanger they are tightening up the RAS cable on the rear of the helo and pulling it over. You can see the cable in the video."

From a former US Navy crewman familiar with helo ops::

"If you look at the stern hangers of any of the ships that carry these helicopters in the US fleet, they are divided (so) the rast equipment can taxi the aircraft in.  The crew on the video were most likely trying to align the helo to go into the port hangar. You can see the separate rast equipment rails in the deck, especially as they cross the deck markings." 

"The aircraft is sitting on top of the rast for the portside hangar.  In all honesty, it really does look like it was an error on the part of the ground crew.  When the aircraft is on its side, the tail wheel is centered.  It also looks like the tail wheel (which is a lot farther forward than on a Blackhawk or some Seahawks) was dragged across the rast shuttle, possible causing the start of the tipping, making it easier for the wind to tip it." 

"At the very end of the video the rast equipment is in motion, moving aft, which might have made things worse by giving more places for the tail wheel to catch.  Looking closely, that stern line is under tension.  I think the ground crew was trying to get that helo in quick and dirty, rather than taking their time, and they screwed it up by the numbers." 

"As for the cable pulling the aircraft, it's simple: The Seahawk is a tail dragger, even with the different arrangement of the landing gear, and the rear wheel was moved forward to allow it to operate off of small decks.   (The Coast Guard's Jayhawk uses the same arrangement for the same reason.) On small ships there is no room to have an actual tractor like on the LHAs, LHDs, and carriers, so the helos are moved by man power or winch.   In heavy seas or wind the aircraft is a lot harder to move, and a lot more dangerous for people to be around."

New 7/7/2006   Sea King Bear Trap   This video, contributed by Kyle Christensen, shows some excellent day and night images of a stationary (relative to the ship) Sea King helicopter and the moving ship.  Note how the helicopter stays rotor level with the horizon as the ship rolls and undulates.  You can also see the use of the "bear trap" -- a device developed by the Royal Canadian Navy in the early 1960s to allow smaller warships to operate helicopters in bad weather. The helicopter lowers a line that attaches to the bear trap. When the line is attached,  the helicopter applies power to create tension on the line. This prevents the helicopter from colliding with the ship as it is "winched" onto the flight deck. Once the helicopter is on the flight deck the bear trap locks the helicopter onto the deck preventing it from sliding overboard.

Westland Lynx Aerobatic Test Flights  Watch as this British-designed helicopter performs some incredible barrel rolls and loops.

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This is where this web page all started -- with a few videos of Mary and me landing in Iowa City (KIOW), as an aid to our fly-in guests.    How things have grown!

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Connie After Engine Start  The MATS Lockheed Constellation visited Iowa City on several occasion.  (Sadly, this aircraft no longer flies, and is on static display in South Korea, of all places...)  This low-res video was taken from inside the plane.
Connie Taxies Past The MATS Connie taxies past the old terminal building in Iowa City, as seen from inside the plane.
Landing on Iowa City's Rwy 30  Sunset landing on a snow-covered runway in Iowa City after a December storm.
Low Pass at Iowa City  See the Alexis Park Inn & Suites as we do a low pass down Rwy 25 in winter.
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Military flying is the most demanding and unforgiving -- and often there is little room for error.  Here are some videos that prove it:

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4-Jet Formation   Home video of a four-jet formation coming in low over the water. Contributed by James Axelrad.
6-Jet Formation  Home video of a six-jet formation over-flying the fleet. Contributed by James Axelrad.
A-6 Partial Ejection  The amazing story (and photos) of Lt. Keith Gallagher's really, REALLY bad day...

Click here to read Keith Gallagher's story of this amazing flight.

A-10 Close Air Support Practice   A U.S. Air Force TACP stationed in Korea sent this video to us.  It shows JTACs (joint terminal attack controllers) doing close air support training with A-10s.  This particular mission was done on one of the ranges about 10 nautical miles south of the Demilitarized Zone in Korea.  (Note: Quicktime has trouble with .mp4 video files like this one.  It runs fine in RealPlayer...)
 A-10 Warthog Cluster Bombing  An amazing demonstration of firepower.
A-10 Gatling Gun  I don't think one can grasp the firepower of this awesome gun until it is seen on a test stand, firing.   Here it is.
 A-10 Warthog Strafing Run  See what the Iraqis were up against in the desert.
AC-130 Over Mosul - NOT   An amazing demonstration of the firepower that can be put on target during the early stages of the war in Iraq.

I had my suspicions about this video, but left it as titled by the fellow who contributed it to the site.   However, after being "blasted" by spotters from all over the world, I've decided that it's conclusively NOT an AC-130.  

Click here to read the definitive answer to this video, from someone who was there when it was filmed. 

AD4-Skyraider Over Gabon -- This 1982 video of Jacques Borne firing 68 mm rockets over Gabon, Africa, shows the last rocket firing by a Skyraider anywhere in the world.   Contributed by his son, Frederic. 
"Are You With Me, Steve?"    This video has rapidly become famous throughout the aviation world.  A reporter is given the ultimate, coveted ride in the back seat of a "Blue Angel's" F/A-18, and succumbs to G-forces not once, but three times!
B-1 Air-to-Air Refueling  This video, sent in by a Bone crew-member, shows a B-1 Bomber filling up from an Air National Guard KC-135E Tanker over Wyoming.
B-1 Air-to-Air Refueling II   This terrific "through-the-cockpit" video, taken after a mission during "Operation Enduring Freedom," shows just how close these guys must fly in order to tank up!
B-1 Low-Level Flight   Sent in by the same Bone crewmember, this video shows what rocketing in low-level flight over Montana looks like from inside the aircraft.
B-17 in Battle  They didn't call it the "Flying Fortress" for nothing.  This German World War II gun camera footage shows a B-17 taking a tremendous beating, yet flying on...

B-17 Ride  Not a video, but a wonderful narrative and photos describing a recent ride in Liberty Belle.  More photos added on 3/11!

B-17 Ride Video   After seeing the pix, above, a contributor sent this 5+ minute video of a CAF B-17 in-flight tour!
B-17 Ride Video 2   Another outstanding video of a ride in a Boeing B-17 bomber.  This one is filmed from a crew-member's point of view.  Contributed by Chuck Massey.
B-2 Bomber  An awesome and awe-inspiring video of the sinister-looking flying wing in action.
B-52 Crash  A B-52 loss of control during air show practice at Fairchild, AFB, Spokane, Washington, ends tragically.  
B-52 Crash Documentary  Footage showing this same crash, but with additional  background and home video showing other questionable flights the accident pilot made. 

(A note regarding this awful video, provided by a former B-52 pilot: "The B-52 in a steep turn at low airspeed loses roll control, resulting in a natural over-banking tendency.  The small rudder authority is unable keep the nose from dropping, nor can it pick up the lower wing.  B-52s do not have conventional ailerons, but spoilers on the upper wing surface similar to the MU-2.  The first flashes of light seen prior to impact is the lower wing contacting high power transmission lines in the area.")

Click here to view a detailed safety analysis of this horrible crash.

Beaufort Crash - A flight of three World War II Royal Australian (not British) Air Force Beauforts perform a picture-perfect low pass for the cameras when something goes terribly wrong.

"Lest we forget, the two Beauforts A9-27 and A9-268, of the RAAF's 8 OTU, collided over Jervis Bay on 14 April 1943 while performing a 'Prince of Wales' break for people of the media."

"All eight crew members were killed when both aircraft hit the water:  Crew of A9-27 F/O Raymond Sydney Green (Pilot), F/O Maurice Francis Hoban, F/Sgt Eric William Sweetnam, Sgt Albert John Bailey.   Crew of A9-268 F/Lt David George Dey (Pilot), P/O Jack Norman, P/O Rex Lindsay Solomon, Sgt Hugh Sydney George Richardson."

C-130 Accident in Iraq  Not a video, but some pictures from an amazing landing accident in Iraq where an American C-130 does a night landing on a runway that is under construction.
C-130 Gear-Up Landing    News coverage of a United Nations C-130 Hercules slides to a stop after landing gear-up.
C-130 Off a Carrier?  This amazing video shows an Air Force C-130 Hercules being flown off the deck of the USS Forrestal!

A note from the contributor: "Please find attached 2 videos of unfortunately bad quality, they are old (1963). However, they show a “slightly” larger aircraft than the RA-5C Vigilante land and take of from an aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Forrestal. Tests were made in October 1963 to use the C-130 Hercules for COD, Carrier Onboard Delivery.  49 touch-and-go landings were made and 21 full stop landings and take offs without arrestor cables at landing, or catapult at take off.  The maximum landing weight was 121.000 pounds. The carrier had a head wind of 40 knots that day so they had to slow down the speed of the carrier 10 knots due to rather heavy seas. They had to paint a new “centerline” on the landing deck, which wasn’t actually a centerline anymore to avoid the Herc´s wing tip to hit the tower. The wing tip cleared the tower with just under 15 feet.  The crew on the Herc had before the test painted on the nose of the aircraft 'LOOK MA, NO HOOK'."

C-130 ON a Carrier?  Even more impressive than the departure video, above, watch as a Hercules comes into land on the pitching deck of the USS Forrestal!  (See the contributor's comments, above.)

Commentary From A Viewer Regarding These Videos:

"Regarding your videos of the C-130 on a carrier, that was a NAVY C-130, flown by LCDR Jimmy Flatley, and the ship was USS FORRESTAL. I have the highest esteem for our light blue brethren, but I doubt if any carrier CO would allow an Air Force type to come near his ship." 

More Commentary Regarding These Videos:

"While reading through your site, I found you had copies of the USS Forrestal video file detailing the landing and takeoff of a C-130 aircraft. While your first viewer commentary meant well, and did have the correct information regarding the pilot of this aircraft, he was not quite correct as to whom the aircraft BELONGED."

"The Forrestal landings were made with aircraft BuNo 149798, operated by the United States Marine Corps and loaned to the Navy. I suppose one could argue against this on the technicality that the Marine Corps is 'part of' the Navy, but we all know how it *really* works. Besides, it's still flying today, with VMGR-352 based out of Miramar, California. You've got a great collection of videos, thanks for sharing!"

C-130 Radical Approach  This is the way they routinely land the Hercules in combat zones.  Imagine where your stomach ends up?
Cat Launch from Inside    Video from inside a jet fighter as it launches from a carrier. Contributed by James Axelrad.
Cat Launch from Outside  Video of an F/A-18 jet fighter launching off a carrier. Contributed by James Axelrad.
Close Air Support   From the ground!   This view of close air support show what it's like to call in an air strike a bit too close for comfort. 
COD Catapult Launch   This is how regular folks get on (and off) a carrier -- watch as a twin-engine turboprop launches from an aircraft carrier.  Contributed by James Axelrad.
Dutch Air Force - 3 In Flight!   This video, contributed by Groeten Wouter, shows a Dutch Air Force Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer, an AH-64D Apache helicopter, and an F-16 A-MLU Fighting Falcon flying in formation.
F-4 Phantom Bomb Run  This video, one of several sent to us by Steve Conley, shows Steve's father's Viet Nam era home video of the awesome McDonnell-Douglas F4 Phantom II dropping bombs over Viet Nam.
F-4 Phantom Preflight  This video, one of several sent to us by Steve Conley, shows Steve's father's Viet Nam era home video of pre-flighting the awesome Phantom jet before a mission from DaNang Air Base.
F-4 Phantoms Refueling  This video, one of several sent in by Steve Conley, shows Steve's father's Viet Nam era home video of Phantoms refueling.
F-4 Phantom Departure  This video, one of several sent to us by Steve Conley, show's Steve's father's Viet Nam era home video of F-4s departing DaNang Air Base.
F-14 Tomcat Fly-Over  A terrific video of a low altitude, low speed pass followed by a high performance climb-out.  Contributed by James Axelrad.
F-14A Tomcat Explosion  A high speed fly-by, filmed from the U.S.S. John Paul Jones, is followed by a high-G turn that ends in a mysterious catastrophic explosion.  All hands immediately switch from spectators to rescuers, with both the pilot and his RIO successfully fished out of the ocean. 

Click here to read an explanation for this bizarre accident.

Click here to read an alternate (and conflicting) explanation of this bizarre accident.

F-15 Gear Failure  An F-15 from Kadena making an emergency landing with what it seems to be hydro failure and partially extended left main landing gear.
F-15 Mid-Air Collision  Amazing video of a mid-air collision during high-speed air combat maneuvering -- taken from INSIDE one of the planes!

Amazingly, this video is a partial fake.   Here are the comments of the pilot of the aircraft involved in this collision:

"(Technical Advisor) Tony Clay suggested I send this to you to correct a gross mistake in the video that is on your website concerning the 'F-15 Mid-air'. It is nothing of the sort."

"This copy is an altered version of the original, I know because it came from MY aircraft and I was the one who bailed out.  It was a mid-air, true, but my aircraft was an F-16A and the other aircraft which impacted me was a Marine F-4."

"The collision took place over the Yellow Sea off the West coast of South Korea on December 15, 1982. The apparent impact aircraft in the video currently on your website has been digitally superimposed into the original footage. The original footage is attached as a wmv file (See it, below) of less than good quality, but if you would desire a better copy, I may be able to burn a DVD of it. Please let me know, and for goodness sakes, correct the description on your website if possible."

- Daryl Hower/aka Smilin'Jack

LtCol (ret), USAF

F-16 Mid-Air Collision  This is the true and unaltered version of the "F-15 Mid-Air Collision" (above),  sent to us by Daryl Hower, one of the pilots involved in this famous mid-air collision between an F-16A and a Marine F-4 Phantom. (See explanation, above)

F-16 Precision Bombing  This incredible video, taken from an F-16 that is dropping a 500 lb.bomb on a safe-house in Fallujah, Iraq, shows how flexible and precise laser-guided munitions have become.  As the house is targeted, and the bomb in en route, dozens of insurgents run outside, on their way to join a nearby battle against U.S. Marines.   The pilot moves his laser-designator onto these new, moving targets -- with impressive results.  

Click here to read why a US Marine thinks this is NOT "precision bombing" after all!

Click here to ready why an F-16 pilot believes this IS indeed "precision bombing" after all!

F-16 Ejection and Crash  The Korean Broadcast System (KBS) announcer is saying that this is the fifth plane crash in that area, and that no one was injured.  The authorities suspect engine trouble as the cause of the crash.  (Gee -- you think maybe the 30-foot-long trail of fire coming from the engine was a hint? :-)
F-16 Engine-Out!  This video -- shot from the pilot's point of view -- shows what it's like to dead-stick land a modern, fly-by-wire jet fighter after the engine fails.
F/A-18 Hornet vs. A-4 Skyhawk  A Hornet shoots down a Skyhawk -- by accident. 
 F/A-18 Hornet vs. A-4 Skyhawk (Long Version)  With many thanks to Bill T, this is a much longer video of the same event (above), showing the accident from several different angles, all the way to ejection.
F/A-18 Hornet vs. A-4 Skyhawk Documentary  This is an excerpt from a Spike TV documentary, showing multiple camera angles of this interesting accident and providing breathless commentary by narrator Stacy Keach.
F/A-18 Wild Carrier Landing  This is about as bad as it gets, while still being able to walk away...
F-22 Raptor In Action  This video, taken during a Langley Air Force Base airshow, shows the Raptor doing a "Harrier Pass" -- a truly  remarkable display of vectored thrust-augmented maneuverability. 
F-22 Raptor Promo   This video is worthy of inclusion for several reasons, most amazingly for showing the Raptor doing a tail-slide -- something you don't normally see a jet fighter do!
F-86 Sabre Landing   This video, one of several sent to us by Steve Conley, shows his father's home video of several F-86 Sabre jets landing at Misawa Air Base in 1959.
F-100 Super Sabre Landing  This video, one of several sent to us by Steve Conley, shows Steve's father's home video of several F-100's landing at Misawa Air Base in 1959.
New 6/27/06  GBU-39 in Action   Watch in awe as this American bunker-busting bomb does the job.
Gun Camera Compilation  Contributed by Crashman, this is the best collection of World War II gun camera footage we've seen.
Gun Camera PowerPlay   Contributed by Crashman, this has some of the best color gun camera footage ever seen.
Gunslinger 3-Way Split   Video of three aircraft from the Gunslingers, VFA-105, doing a 3-way split overhead. Contributed by James Axelrad.
Hawk Near-Miss!    Okay, maybe it's an Eagle?  Whatever, this cockpit video from inside a fighter jet goes well with the "Hawk Strike", below. Contributed by James Axelrad. 
Hawk Strike!   A Canadian BAE Systems/British Aerospace CT-155 Hawk fighter jet ingests a large bird shortly after take-off, with disastrous results.  This video takes you from the first strike all the way to ejection -- from INSIDE the cockpit.

Click here to view a pdf file about this crash from the Canadian Armed Forces Department of National Defense website. (You must have Adobe Reader installed to view this file.)

Hellcat into the Island   This famous composite video of a World War II Grumman Hellcat and HellDiver crashing into the island while trying to land has been used as stock footage in many war movies.
Hurricane Strafing Run!  World War II footage showing an RAF Hawker Hurricane fighter strafing a tank.   (Click here to read why this is NOT a Typhoon!)
New 7/7/06   I'm Not Gonna Flinch!  A hilarious video of a British Harrier doing a VERY low pass over a brave-but-ducking-nevertheless soldier....
Into a Wave!   Watch in horror as a Grumman S-2F Tracker (a large, twin-engine prop plane) departs from the USS Ticonderoga -- directly INTO a huge wave!  Incredibly, the plane continues on, unscathed.  (Anyone know where and when this took place?)

For more info on the Grumman S-2F Tracker, see:

For the history of the USS Ticonderoga, see:

Joint Strike Fighter Takeoff   This video shows the new transformer-like version of the joint strike fighter taking off vertically.   Too cool!
Kobra!   This video illustrates the classic "kobra maneuver" that the Russians and Ukrainians have perfected.
Low Flight  Another beautifully crafted video depicting high performance jets in low-level flight.
Low Flying!   More fantastic high speed, high performance low-level flying.  You won't believe how low that third guy gets!
Low Level Flight  This video shows the beauty and precision of low-level, over-water formation flight by a French Sepcat Jaguar, a Mirage F1, and a Mirage 2000.
Low Pass!  You won't believe how low this guy is flying a Jaguar!!
Merlins!  And nothing BUT Merlins!  An amazing video of DeHaviland Mosquitos and Supermarine Spitfires, both World War II British fighter planes that flew behind the famous Rolls-Royce Merlin engine.

Incredibly, this beautiful video is computer generated!   See   for more!

MiG Crash  A mid-air collision of two MiG fighters...
MiG-29 Flight Demo   The Soviet Union may be gone, but their awesome Mikoyan-Gurevich design lives on. 
MiG-29 Gear Up Too Soon   This guy raises the gear *just* a bit before he established a positive rate of climb -- with noisy and embarrassing results.
Night Trap!   They say that landing on a carrier at night is the hardest thing to do in an aircraft.  After viewing this video, it's hard to disagree...
Rafale Near-Splash!   This Dassault Rafale fighter jet performs a big loop -- and nearly splashes right in front of his mates...
Scary Go-Round   This video graphically shows what trying to land on a carrier in fog is like.
Sukhoi SU-30MK ACM  An amazing demonstration of maneuverability using the Russian's revolutionary vectored thrust and canard technology.
Super Hornet Trap!  Home video of an F/A-18 Super Hornet landing on a carrier. Contributed by James Axelrad.
Supersonic Fly-By!   An F-14 Tomcat shows the deck hands what speed is all about...
Supersonic Fly-By II  Another F-14 (or, perhaps, the same one from a different angle?) gives the fleet a speed demo...
Supersonic Fly-By III  Yet another naval aviator gives the fleet a low-level thrill in his F-14.
Supersonic Fly-By IV  The boys never tire of seeing (and hearing) the fast jets. Contributed by James Axelrad.
Supersonic Fly-By V  What can we say?  It's fun! Contributed by James Axelrad.
Supersonic Fly-By VI   Another teeth-rattling sonic boom! Contributed by James Axelrad.
Too Low!  A naval F-8 Crusader comes in too low for a carrier landing on the USS Oriskany, and...well, you'll see.
Vigilante Launch  Catapult launch of an RA-5C Vigilante, one of the largest aircraft to ever launch off of an aircraft carrier.

(This video has generated a great deal of controversy.  Click here to read all sorts of interesting debate over what, exactly, this video depicts.)

Vulcan Fly-By!   The British AVRO Vulcan bomber has often been called the most awesome and beautiful aircraft ever flown.   This short video shows one of these awe-inspiring nuclear bombers doing a low-level fly-by.  
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Radio Control

Radio controlled flight has come a very long way in the last few years, with jet engines and composite materials replacing glow plugs and balsa wood, and prices matching -- or exceeding -- the cost of full-sized aircraft.
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747 Indoors!  A remarkable video of a large-scale electric Boeing 747 being flown indoors -- in a none-too-big warehouse.

Airbus -- The R/C Version  It's amazing what they can do with those little jet engines...  It sure LOOKS like the new super-jumbo A-380!

B-29 and the Bell X-1  An R/C reenactment of Chuck Yeager's famous flight.  After release the SuperFortress does some maneuvers that the Boeing version never attempted, I suspect!  

(A note from the contributor of this video: "This is Mac Hodges big B-29. He owns a hobby shop in Americus, Georgia. He, and his friend who built this beast, travel around the country attending radio control shows and put on an amazing show.")

B-52 Test Flight -- The R/C Version  This isn't as lame as it sounds.  This radio-controlled Stratofortress has 8 REAL jet engines, and is nearly big enough to carry a passenger!  This is an early (and successful) test flight of this awesome radio-controlled bomber.  (Click here and here to see close-up pictures of the tiny-but-real jet engines that powered this incredible aircraft.)

For more information about this amazing R/C aircraft, click here.

B-52 Crash -- The R/C Version   The crash itself is eerily similar to the "real" one, depicted in the Military section, below. 

For information provided by Paul Metcalf about this crash, click here.

Concorde Flies Again! -- The R/C Version  This keeps getting better and better.  Little jet engines + a large scale Concorde model + Lots of $$$ = an AWESOME flight...
F-14 Tomcat -- The R/C Version  It was only matter of time, I suppose, but this radio-controlled Top Gun clone is remarkable...
F-102 Explosion -- The R/C Version   This video shows what everyone *thought* was an F-102 R/C model (actually, some folks said it was a Mirage III, some called it an Israeli Kfir) exploding in mid-air after colliding with power lines.   Read on...

Contributed by Ed Rapoza:

"First I want to say I really enjoy your site.  I have been a fan for over a year now.  I am an avid R/C pilot and have flown for about 10 years.  I currently fly turbine powered model jets and am very familiar with this video.  This is not actually an F-102, it is a plane modeled after the Eurofighter called a Eurosport."

"Most model jets that use turbine engines have an FOD screen in front of them to protect from foreign objects from being sucked into the turbine. In this instance the FOD screen itself came loose and was sucked into the engine resulting in a "flame out".  You can see when this happens by the short burst of flame that comes out of the tail just before the plane goes vertical. The loss of power caused the plane to glide a little to close to some high voltage power lines and, well, you can see what happened."

Flying Witch!   Yes, it's a flying witch that flew during "Spadfest", an R/C event held annually at Chanute Air Museum in Rantoul, IL.

No, we don't know why they did it...

Mowing the Lawn   Most people have difficulty hovering an R/C helicopter.  Watch this video to see why Alan Szabo is the absolute, undisputed champion of R/C helicopter aerobatics.
P-47 Crash   A beautiful P-47 R/C model impacts the runway.
R/C Crashes This video shows those incredible R/C jet fighters -- all crashing.   At $3K apiece for the engines alone, we stopped counting at $70,000 worth of damage -- and this was all supposedly shot at a single meet in South Africa!  (This is a huge file, so be patient.)
New 6/27/06  R/C Skydiver!   Now THIS is different!   Watch as a remote controlled, 1/4-scale replica skydiver is dropped from a standard .60 size Thunder Tiger R/C trainer!  The body of the skydiver is composite fiberglass and special plastics for the arms, which move like the real thing.
Sailplane Diving Into Slope Lift   This video shows an R/C sailplane flying into slope lift generated by a ridge next to a reservoir near Omaha, Nebraska.
Spectacular Flight Demo  Yet another unbelievable demonstration of radio-controlled flight.
Unbelievable!   This remarkable display of indoor, electric-powered flight must be seen to be believed!  For those who can read German, see more at the website,
Unbelievable II  Another video of this same pilot (see "Unbelievable", above) flying his electric-powered R/C aircraft in a routine that appears to be aerodynamically impossible.
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Skydiving and base-jumping are both beautiful and exciting sports.  Because of the graphic nature of sky-diving accident videos, I have refrained from posting anything here but beautiful displays of skill and technique. 

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Basejumpers!   This very large video shows people doing things with parachutes that most people would not believe is possible.
Bat Suit!  This guy is either the bravest man alive, or the dumbest.  He can't clear that mountain ridge by, what, 50 feet?
Head-First Plane Chasing   I'm not sure who is crazier, the sky-diver that's "racing" him, or the pilot of the plane that's diving straight down...
Jet Diver!   A skydiver, wearing a bat-suit, puts two of those little R/C jet engines on his boots, and, well, you'll see...
Near Miss! A skydiver comes *this* close to hitting an airplane while in free-fall... (Caution: His surprised exclamation is "R"-rated.)   Look closely, and you can see the plane long before he apparently does.
Starburst!   81 skydivers join up to make a huge kite in the sky, followed by a beautiful starburst.
Stuck on the Tail!   Hair-raising video of a skydiver getting sucked out of the plane and having his 'chute foul on the aircraft's elevator.  All's well that ends well, however -- the guy eventually fell free and both jumper and aircraft landed safely.
Supersonic Skydiver!    Joe Kittinger's amazing 1960 free fall from 102,800 feet made him the first supersonic skydiver -- and the first person in outer space.
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Test flying new aircraft is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.  Here are some videos that show just how dangerous it can be, as well as some government-staged test crashes:

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720 Crash Test -- Low resolution footage of the airliner that was deliberately crashed by the FAA in order to assess crash survivability.